4 Questions to Ask About Dental Implants

Are you looking to gain your confidence and smile back? Consider dental implants to restore your oral health! Best Dental Care offers dental implants to Tyler, TX and surrounding areas. Call or book your appointment. We are conveniently located at 3310 S. Southwest Loop 323 Tyler, TX 75701.

Dental Implants Near Me in Tyler, TX
Dental Implants Near Me in Tyler, TX

Have you been wondering about dental implants? Looking to help improve your smile and give you your confidence back? Are you missing teeth and worried about your oral health? Missing teeth can lead to a number of oral health issues, such as jaw deterioration, a misaligned bite, and the loss of additional teeth. Dental implants are one of the most effective solutions to replacing missing teeth by replacing the root as well as the tooth itself. Best Dental Care in Tyler, TX is committed to restoring your teeth to your best dental health. We want you to enjoy the confidence that comes with a great smile. Dental implants offer the ability to show off your beautiful smile, and the opportunity to functionally use your teeth again with dental implants!

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are available to replace tooth roots, offer a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth. Dental implants are custom-made to also match your natural teeth shape as well as color, to make them look undetectable. Dental implants are a better option for many of our patients over other dental options available because implants are strong, durable and natural looking.

Candidates for dental implants have healthy gums and a strong jaw bone to support dental implants, this ends up being a beneficial option for many to qualify for.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants have many benefits to our patients who may consider to go this route. One of the major benefits of dental implants it offers to our patients is the look, feel and function of natural teeth. Dental implants are also known as “tooth implants”. Dental implants are not only a permanent solution but offers multifunctional restoration designed to permanently replace any missing teeth the patient may have. Another great benefit dental implants offer is the opportunity to give our patients their smile back and help them feel better and more confident as well as improving their oral health.

What is the cost of dental implants?

The cost of dental implants vary depending on many factors including the individual’s needs, cost of materials, extensive surgery and the doctor’s costs. Each individual patient will be offered a consultation appointment with their dentist to decide if dental implants are right for them, the dentist will go over the financial investment based on each individual’s personal situation. Cosmetic dentistry may be covered in part by your insurance, call your insurance and ask if they offer coverage for any cosmetic dentistry you may need as many insurance providers offer some coverage. If you do not have insurance, you can call and see if your dentist offers payment plans for any dental procedures like dental implants, as many offers monthly financing options to their patients.

Does Best Dental Care offer dental implants?

Yes, Best Dental Care offers dental implants in Tyler, TX. Dr. Kocharekar earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2015 from the esteemed Boston University, Henry M Goldman School of Dental Medicine, then went on to complete his Master of Health Administration at the University of Houston in Texas.

Dr. Kocharekar specializes in cosmetic dentistry which includes dental implants to Tyler, TX and surrounding areas. Best Dental Care is located at 3310 S. Southwest Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701. If you or someone you know is interested in dental implants, get in touch with us today! We will set you up with a consultation appointment with the doctor so he can answer any questions you may have, as well as offer any additional information to help you decide if you want to go ahead with dental implants.

Sink your teeth into a brand-new smile today! Call Best Dental Care in Tyler, TX today to book your consultation appointment and see your new smile sooner! We serve patients from Tyler TX, Swan TX, New Chapel Hill TX, Noonday TX, Wood Springs TX, Whitehouse TX, and Flint TX.