Sleep Apnea Specialist Questions and Answers

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Sleep Apnea Appliance Specialist Near Me in Tyler, TX
Sleep Apnea Appliance Specialist Near Me in Tyler, TX

When you think about treating sleep apnea, what might come to mind is CPAP therapy. The CPAP machine can work really well for many patients, but it doesn’t necessarily address the underlying cause of sleep apnea in the first place. Oral appliance therapy can address the cause, is more comfortable, and has lots of other benefits. Connect with us at Best Dental Care to learn more about sleep apnea and how to see a sleep apnea appliance specialist in Tyler, TX!

What is sleep apnea?

You or a loved one may have sleep apnea and already know how significantly it can affect someone. It can be quite serious too if it isn’t treated effectively. The condition occurs when someone’s sleeping and their breathing stops and starts repeatedly, and the cause is typically a blockage in or collapse of the airway due to muscles in the throat or the jaw relaxing too much. If the condition isn’t treated effectively, it can lead to serious health issues like hypertension and heart disease.

It’s common to treat sleep apnea with CPAP therapy, but oral appliance therapy may be more effective and much easier for the patient. CPAP therapy uses a big, bulky machine and means the patient has to wear a mask or nosepiece at night, but oral appliance therapy uses only a simple mouth insert.

Can a dental appliance help sleep apnea? What is the most effective oral appliance for sleep apnea?

A dental appliance can indeed help with sleep apnea! The appliance is called an oral appliance, and it’s a simple, custom-made mouth insert that can prevent the causes of sleep apnea by helping the jaw, tongue, and airway rest naturally, preventing blockage. In fact, oral appliance therapy is proven to work and approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. In about 3 months of oral appliance therapy, many patients will be about 90% symptom-free! All that is why we’re proud to provide the treatment here at Best Dental Care.

Oral appliance therapy works for many patients. For instance, a patient with sleep apnea caused by a TMJ (jaw joint) disorder will get relief with oral appliance therapy. The appliance accommodates patient’s many needs, as it’s very comfortable to use, convenient to use, and easy to remove for everyday activities like eating. It’s also easy to clean and maintain the appliance, so it really is the easiest solution for sleep apnea in many patient cases. On top of all that, it’s easy to get an oral appliance from a professional like ours at Best Dental Care.

Should I consult a dentist or an orthodontist about my sleep apnea?

If you have sleep apnea and believe it’s caused by an issue like your jaw relaxing too much, then you can and should see a dentist or an orthodontist about it. Either professional will be able to help determine what is causing your sleep apnea and then provide oral appliance therapy if you need it. You can come see Dr. Kocharekar, our dentist and oral appliance therapy provider here at Best Dental Care!

Do you have a sleep apnea appliance specialist in Tyler, TX?

Yes! Our sleep apnea appliance specialist, dentist, and oral appliance therapy provider is Dr. Kocharekar. He is also a board-certified doctor of dental surgery (DDS), should you need one. The doctor can help to determine the cause of your sleep apnea and then address it with oral appliance therapy if necessary.

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